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Action Breaks and Weekends across the UK in England,Scotland and Wales. From Quad Bikes, Honda Pilots, Go Karts & Rage Buggies to White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Surfing, Kayaking and Coasteering or enjoy Clay Pigeon Shooting or Paintballing. More Weekends activity breaks are guaranteed to challenge and thrill and make sure you get more from your weekends.

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Go-Karting and Paintball - Bournemouth

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More Weekends - - have carefully selected some activity break specialists who offer a range of exciting action packed weekends sure to thrill and excite.

These Activity Break Weekends are available in several locations across the UK England, Scotland and Wales. Activity Centre locations include Edinburgh & Perthshire, North Wales, South Wales, Bristol & Bath, Newquay and the South Coast.

The weekends' activities often ideal for beginners vary by location and are available in a variety of combinations, typically combining 2 adventure activities per weekends break, equipment and an overnight stay

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is all about making a splash, one of the most popular weekends activities, an exhilarating experience for everyone of all ages. Enjoy in Scotland or North Wales.

In North Wales raft on the River Tryweryn, negotiating grade 3 rapids - the Ski Run, Graveyard and Donkey's Kick White Water Rafting in Wales >>


Coasteering is true raw adventure. Leap into the surf and scramble over coastal boulders and leap into the surf again. Try this out in South Wales or Newquay most weekends.

Sea Kayaking

Spending your weekends Sea Kayaking is a great way to explore remote coastal inlets and caves and discover amazing and un-spoilt wildlife. Try this out in South Wales.

Freefall abseiling

Freefall abseiling and rap running down rock faces. From straight-forward abseiling, this activity builds confidence until the final descent using the technique "rap running". Rap Running is very similar to abseiling except you go down the rock face FORWARDS!! Available to try in Scotland on selected weekends.


Imagine a weekends activity Sphere-ing which involves being strapped into a giant 12ft clear sphere, where you can experience this thrill of a lifetime in a two person bubble as you roll uncontrollably over the Scottish terrain.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is available to try most weekends at every centre except Newquay. Generally involving a challenge or trek you will set off into the countryside on a mission - with hill climbs, bogs, fallen trees, root covered drops and lots of obstacles to negotiate and a sprint home.

Honda Pilots, Rage Buggies or Off Road Buggies

Jump into our off road buggies and try to set the fastest lap around a challenging track with jumps, hill climbs, drops and numerous obstacles. Off - roading is available at most Activity Centres on most weekends.


Airsoft is the new paintball without the "OUCH" factor. Wear battle kit, talk tactics and then go for it. Enjoy great battle scenarios in both wooded and open areas. Only available in Scotland currently on selected weekends.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Shooting Always great fun.Enjoy a weekends session of traditional clay pigeon shooting, available at every centre, across the UK


Canyoning is all about leaping into water, sliding down rocky slabs and abseiling down vertical drops in this "big kids" playground. Available on selected weekends in Scotland, The Lake District or North Wales

Surf Ski-ing

Surf Ski-ing is the latest Russian import to our shores is easy to learn. A part surf board, part kayak - sit on top of the surfski with a paddle for power and direction. Paddle out and ride the surf back. Only available on limited weekends in South Wales at the moment.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in The Lakes or South Wales is a great weekends activity to explore the trails, lanes and countryside accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide.

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Working on a large craggy rock face this rock climbing and abseiling activity is a great introduction to the sport. No previous experience is required, the activity will include full instruction and all equipment. Available at weekends at several Activity Centre locations.

Gorge Walking & Scrambling

Gorge Walking in South Wales or The Lakes follows the course of your selected river, scrambling over boulders, traversing rock faces, crossing tributaries and leaping into rock pools from dizzy heights.

High Ropes

Then join the high flyers on this excellent high ropes course in safety harness you test your nerve high above the ground - In complete safety of course. A real weekends adrenalin rush.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing one of the UK's fastest growing sports. Available in north & South Wales and Newquay, our introductory breaks provide the perfect opportunity to spend you weekend seeing if it appeals.


Paintball is all about talking tactics and formulating strategy then forgetting everything you agreed and running around like headless chickens in search of glory! Great fun and available at most Activity Centres many weekends.


Sailing is no longer the realm of the rich. Charter a yacht for the weekend with a qualified skipper and enjoy the thrills of a sailing adventure on the South coast of England

Pony Trekking

Pony Trekking is a great way to explore the countryside. You will be introduced to your mount and spend time in the paddock getting to know each other before riding out. Available in The Lakes or South Coast.

Go Karting

Go Karting & Rally Karts deliver all the thrill of 'Le Mans' as you race against the clock, making pit stops to change drivers and refuel. Test your skills on the track, its fast furious and a lot of fun. Available on the South Coast on selected weekends.


Surfing - Join the revolution and learn one of the coolest activities on the globe in one of the coolest places Newquay. Our Surf weekender is ideal for the complete beginner with all kit and equipment included to amke sure you get the most from your weekend.

Rock Climbing & Caving

Rock Climbing & Caving -If you are looking for a challenging day with a difference then try the "Ride & Slide" Activity in Newquay. This weekends action provides a unique opportunity to explore underground caverns and climb local rock crags - ideal for beginners.


Kayaking Following instruction on basic skills -Paddle away along the River Dee in North Wales for a session meandering the waterways in a single seat.

Rally Karts

Rally Karts are built for use on a rough terrain circuit, easy to drive and fun to race. Try them out in The Lakes most weekends.

  • Surfing & Coasteering
    Surfing & Coasteering
    Newquay, Cornwall
    Wet, Wild and Wacky
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  • White Water Rafting
    Gorge Scrambling, Abseiling, Mountain Biking
    Windermere, Lake District
    Great thrills midst glorious scenery
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  • Go Karting & Paintballing
    Go Karting & Paintballing
    The ultimate adrenalin rush
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  • Quad Biking
    Quad Biking
    Bristol, Avon
    High speed - High octane
    > View Details

  • White Water Rafting
    White Water Rafting
    Bala, North Wales
    The ultimate adrenalin rush
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