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RHS Garden Wisley

RHS Garden Wisley




Stretching over 240 acres, Wisley is the flagship of the Royal Horticultural Society, demonstrating the best in gardening practices. Highlights include the magnificent Rock Garden, rock pools and Alpine Houses, the glories of the mixed borders and Rose Garden and the 16-acre fruit field containing over 700 apple cultivars. Model gardens demonstrate designideas on a realisable scale, reflecting changing styles and new techniques. Whatever the season the Garden serves as a working encyclopedia for gardeners of all levels.

Monday 10:00 To 18:00; Tuesday 10:00 To 18:00; Wednesday 10:00 To 18:00; Thursday 10:00 To 18:00; Friday 10:00 To 18:00; Saturday 09:00 To 18:00; Sunday 09:00 To 18:00; Monday 10:00 To 16:30; Tuesday 10:00 To 16:30; Wednesday 10:00 To 16:30; Thursday 10:0

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