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When the spirituals and work songs of Southern African-Americans collided with traditional American folk song music, the Blues were born. A rural movement, the Blues followed migration patterns and spread throughout the Southern States and then north to Chicago. Each area then adopting its own unique Blues style based on the original three-chord, confessional style. The introduction of the electric guitar gave the movement further impetus making the Blues into one of the most instantly identifiable styles of music around.


The works of some of the world’s greatest classical composers is regularly performed throughout the UK by world class orchestras and vocalists. From Bach to Beethoven and Chopin to Tchaikovsky, there will be a classical music event taking place nearby, guaranteed to inspire and move.

Club & Dance

Traditionally, dance music was specifically composed or performed for people to dance to, from classical waltzes to Latin forms like salsa or the tango. These days 'dance' generally refers to the kind of electronic music popular since the nightclub explosion of the 1970s.

Country & Folk

Step back from the Top 40 for a moment and you'll find music Country and Folk. Hugely popular, these two genres have their roots in the varying types of traditional music prevalent well before Chuck Berry duck-stepped his way across stage and helped give birth to rock 'n roll

Hard Rock /Metal

We got guitars - that's the defining characteristic here. From Chuck Berry to Nu Metal, Rock music has been characterized by rebellion and energy, often with a liberal dose of melodic nous.

Indie & Alternative

The Indie tag used to signify that an artist was signed to an Independent label, as opposed to one distributed by one of the major music conglomerates. As time has passed, the boundaries between the two have become increasingly blurred, and Indie has become a recognisable style in its own right. Melodic yet adventurous, the Indie act is playing the game by its own rules


Often referred to the original American art-form, Jazz has its roots in ragtime, blues and African musical tradition. Giving birth to an ever-growing number of styles, Jazz originally developed as a form of dance music before improvisation became the key ingredient.


Influenced heavily by trends in production, contemporary R&B is a slick machine indeed. Generations of producers like Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Antonio 'L.A.' Reid & Babyface and, more recently, Timbaland, have almost been able to define the house-style of the pop charts, creating enormous success for the artists they worked with and others that followed, singers like Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, Destiny's Child and Cristina Aguilera.

Rap and Hip Hop

The most dominant musical force in the World right now, Hip Hop and rap have come a long way since Kool Herc began cutting records together at Bronx block parties in the 1970s. From the proto-political manifestos of Public Enemy to the early Gangsta rap of NWA through the Daisy Age and the rise of the Dirty South, rap music and the musical side of Hip Hop culture hasn't stayed still for a moment, and the genre is now a truly international, multi-language phenomenon.

Rock & Pop

Although 'Pop Music' is often used as a catch-all phrase to describe all of popular music, for our purposes it's actually a sub-genre, show-casing the most commercial of crowd-pleasing, listener-friendly, verse-chorus-verse, 3 minute melodic bursts.

Tribute Bands

Almost as good as the real thing “Tribute Bands” tour the country emulating the sounds, style and sensations of legendary acts – including amongst others Elvis , Abba , Queen and The Blues Brothers.


The term 'World music' covers thousands of different genres and styles, but has broadly speaking come to mean the non-English Language, folk music of (mainly) Third World countries, music untouched by Western Pop or Classical music. Reggae was originally specific to the island of Jamaica and is closely linked to Rastafarianism, although Bob Marley turned the genre into an International, multicultural musical force