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Tutankhamun Exhibition

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Tutankhamun Exhibition

O2 Arena


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The Tutankhamun Exhibition has proved to be one of the most visited exhibitions of the deacde. Showcased in the O2 Arena's bubble is over 2 floors and a huge 6500 square metres.

The exhibition which also showcases the golden age of the Pharaohs is a fascinating glimse into Egypt's history.

Tutankhamun often described as the "boy king" had a short but turbulent life - to this day we do not know how he met his fate and if indeed he was murdered. the discovery of his tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter too is a romantic and charismatic quest in its own right.

Visit The Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2 Arena and wonder at the artefacts and interactive displays which bring the whole era to life.

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Exhibition closes August 30th 2008.

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