Exploring the UK

The UK is possibly more diverse within it’s regions than any other country of similar size in the world and because of these variations it makes it exciting to explore. The regions of the UK could be loosely divided up into coastal, countryside, waterways, historical and mountainous. Seaside holidays have always been a favourite with the British people, popularized when works holidays allowed factory workers to get away for a week and sample the delights of funfairs at such diverse places as Blackpool, Brighton and Scarborough as examples. Now the seaside, whilst still very popular, has become the place to visit for a weekend or an evening away.

Weekends away in the countryside are ever more popular and farmhouse B&B’s, self catering cottages and country pubs with letting bedrooms attract visitors in ever increasing numbers. The advantage of such establishments is that the owners and locals can advise on the best attractions to see and places to eat.

We have always as a nation been attracted to water, so it is no surprise that weekends on the canals and waterways of Britain and Ireland are so popular. The network of canals in England alone would keep the “would be sailor” exploring them for years. Sailing on reservoirs and lakes is ideal for both beginners and experienced yachtsmen alike and it is easy to hire small boats or sailing dinghies by the hour or day in most of the major sites. The Lake District in England with Windermere and Coniston, Lough Neagh in Ulster and the numerous Lochs that feature in Scotland’s beautiful landscape are amongst some.

These Islands are steeped in history and all the regions of the UK can offer stately homes, castles, Roman remains, museums of every description to satisfy the curiosity of even the most quizzical historian amongst us. Just about every major city in the UK can offer the visitor a wide range of museums depicting our historical past, feature the way we were and show our scientific and inventive achievements.

Our country is not mountainous when compared with some in the Alpine regions of Europe, but the Pennine Chain running through northern England, the absolute beauty of the Highlands of Scotland and the numerous ranges that run throughout the whole of Ireland are beautiful and varied. Mountains provide weekend visitors with recreation in the form of walking and hiking and specialist accommodation is readily available that specialise for these visitors. Scotland provides good skiing in the winter months, notably at Glenshee and Avimore Centre, where weekend packages feature at both resorts.

The advent of the motor car and competitive rail and air fares have made exploring the UK easier and more popular than before and getting away for the weekend need not be something that has to be planned months ahead, unlike say a couple of weeks abroad. Specialists can help and web based operations such as www.moreweekends.com has the knowledge and the expertise to put together itineraries and a wealth of information that will make choosing somewhere to visit a simple and pleasurable task. Your weekend awaits you.